Digital Marketing Packages Cost

Digital Marketing Packages

Are you searching for Digital Marketing Packages but not sure how much does digital marketing cost actually? You have come to the right place. You can learn about digital marketing services and how much do digital marketing packages cost.

SEO Packages

Our Monthly SEO Packages

Cost of DigitalVeera SEO Package is very affordable.

At DigitalVeera, we have three SEO packages Basic,    Advanced and Enterprise SEO package to increase your web presence in search engines that have Up to 5 keywords, 20 keywords and 30 keywords respectively. The charges of these SEO packages are:

Bronze – ₹ 10,000/Month

Silver – ₹ 15,000/Month

Gold – ₹ 25,000/Month

Pay Per Click Marketing

If you want to get quick traffic to your website even if it costs you some extra money, PPC advertising is the must have marketing plan in your internet marketing package. Using this digital marketing technique, you can advertise your business to your target audience and get great sales leads and revenue. As per the PPC working model, you have to pay for every single click you get on your ads and this is why PPC marketing offers a good return on investment.

In other words, PPC Services can be referred as Google Ads that you see on search results page and it helps you to show your ads to your target audience.  This technique is really a good lead generation strategy to get awesome traction and conversion in the beginning and also for established players that want to make the best use of paid advertising channels. 

When it comes to choose a PPC package, there are few things that decide the cost: 

  •  Landing Page Creation
  • Number Of Keywords
  • Number Of Campaigns
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Targeting
  • Quality of Ads
  • Remarketing
  • Type of Ads 

Our Monthly Google Ads Management Packages

Cost of our PPC Marketing Packages?

Digital veera has primarily three PPC packages for its clients – Bronze, Silver, and Gold: 

Bronze – ₹ 8,000/Month

Silver – ₹ 15,000/Month

Gold – ₹ 25,000/Month

Social Media Marketing Services​


Social media marketing services help your business in quick lead generation by running paid advertising campaigns on social media channels. You can run many types of campaign. It can be lead generation, brand Awareness, Page like campaigns to gain followers quickly.

In any digital marketing strategy, Social media marketing remains an inherent part and companies set aside a separate budget for this. The most commonly utilized platforms for social media marketing and advertising services are    FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, LinkedInTwitter, and       YouTube.

At Digital Veera , we provide a wide range of SMM Services for our clients to meet their diverse digital marketing needs. Our social media marketing packages include bronze package that is capped at ₹10,000 per month, Silver Package at ₹18,000 and Gold at ₹30,000 per month and includes everything you need to maintain a dynamic presence on social media

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